Misty FloresMisti Flores


Misti is the gym manager and oversees all the programs of Flip Force San Diego. Misti is also the lead Cirque instructor and assists with the Trampoline & Tumbling Team. She is a category I judge for competitive trampoline and tumbling.
Misti grew up in a Christian family in Iowa, where she competed artistic gymnastic through the collegiate level at the University of Iowa. Her degree is in exercise physiology. In her final semester of college she moved to San Diego to do an internship as a strength and conditioning coach for the athletes at SDSU. She went on to perform as a professional acrobat and has finally attained her dream of owning her own gym where she can have a positive impact on kids.
Most important of all she is the mother of four beautiful children: Monze, Isa, Iva and baby Malik.

Ivan copyIvan Flores

Owner / Head Competitive Trampoline and Tumbling Coach

Ivan is the lead Trampoline and Tumbling coach and has produced three National Champions in the three years Flip Force has been open. Ivan oversees all activities and coaches within the gym. Ivan is also a category I judge for Trampoline and Tumbling.
Ivan grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico where he competed on the Mexican National Gymnastics Team. Ivan moved to continue training in San Diego then began performing professionally as an acrobat and has performed in many cirque shows including the Blue Horizons show at SeaWorld. He has finally attained his goals in owning his own gym where he can now encourage kids to follow their dreams.

MeganMegan Giesbrecht

Team Director & Acrobatic Gymnastics Coach

Megan is the acrobatic gymnastics Team Director here at Flip Force San Diego. Megan is originally from northern California where she coached many State, Regional, and National Champions. In 2012 she was honored to win USA Gymnastics National Rookie Coach of the Year. Megan began acrobatic gymnastics at the age of three and there found her passion. During her time competing she was a four-time USA Gymnastics National Team member, representing team USA in Belgium, France, Russia, Switzerland, and two internationals hosted by the USA. She holds multiple state, regional, national, and international titles as well as USA Gymnastics Athlete of the Year 2002, and two Glen Sunby awards for Outstanding Pair/Group. Her favorite part of coaching is watching the excitement felt by every child as they realize they are capable of achieving anything!


MinamiMinami Hoshino

Cheer / Tumbling Coach

Coach Minami was originally born in Japan but has called Southern California home since she was in 2nd grade. She began competing in All Star Cheer at the age of 9. She has cheered up through level 5 winning multiple regional, state, and national titles with her teams. Minami has also achieved the goal of being able to cheer with SDSU’s nationally ranked cheer team. Minami is currently studying at San Diego State University where she is majoring in Social Science with an emphasis in teaching. Minami found her passion for coaching very young when she began junior coaching at her cheer gym in Orange County. Since then, she has coached numerous tumbling classes, flyers classes, and teams. She loves helping her kids learn new skills and watching their excitement as they learn that anything is achievable through practice and hard work.

Misha 2015Misha Yordonov

Competitive Trampoline & Tumbling Coach

Coach Misha has been our assistant TNT team coach since August 2011. He is from Bulgaria and was on the Bulgarian National team for power tumbling. He is a 3 time National Champion in Bulgaria. He also took 2nd place in the youth European Championships as a young teen. From 2000-2005, Misha toured with the Ringling Brothers Circus as a professional acrobat and rigger. Misha is now here at Flip Force enjoying the experience coaching kids helping them better their skills!

Michael TawilMichael Tawil

Parkour Instructor

Michael is a certified parkour instructor here at Flip Force. He is originally from Kuwait where he found his passion in parkour. His team was ranked in the top three parkour teams in Kuwait two years in a row. Since, Michael moved to San Diego in late 2014 where he continued his parkour journey. He aspires to help his children share the same passion and progression in their journey of movement.

Carlos Aguilar

Carlos Aguilar

Martial Arts / Kickforce Owner / Director

Chief instructor for KickForce Martial Arts. He is proud to present the ATA and XMA martial arts programs. From training with some of the best in the Martial Arts Industry, he continues to strive for more knowledge to share to his students. Started off with Taekwondo, then as he evolved he was later introduced to the Worlds of Mixed Martial Arts, Israeli Combative Systems, and Extreme Martial Arts. Previously was the Head Instructor for the #1 school in ATA/WTTU. He has now opened school number 3197 in the ATA and founded the KickForce Martial Arts Training Center. His mission is to continue the ATA’s slogan “Changing Lives One Black Belt at a Time.” He holds a Fifth Degree black belt in Songham Taekwondo, 2011 ATA World Champion.