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 Flip Force San Diego Inc.

Flip Force San Diego in an elite level multi-sport competitive gym for kids to train in Trampoline, Tumbling, Gymnastics, Cirque Acrobatics, All Star Cheerleading, Cheer tumbling, Martial Arts, Parkour, Hip Hop, Dance, Break dancing and Acrobatic Gymnastics under one roof. However, the pride of Flip Force San Diego is not the classes we offer but the positive and encouraging environment we’ve created where kids (and adults) can develop not only physically but spiritually.


The owners of Flip Force San Diego, Ivan Flores & Misti Flores were professional competitive gymnasts at the elite level and are currently professional cirque performers. They have been instructing kids in the sport of gymnastics and cirque acrobatics for over 20 years.

Ivan and Misti previously owned and operated a similar facility in Poway but wanted to branch out and offer more to kids in the community, so they developed the idea of offering multiple sports and activities for kids under one roof. Their goal is to have a positive impact on kids in the community and create a positive and encouraging environment for kids to develop their lifelong talents.

Ivan and Misti also produce professional cirque style acrobatic entertainment for corporate events, galas, private parties, sporting events and more.  In 2006, they also started a Christian Entertainment company called Cirque for Christ where they perform cirque style shows with a Gospel message in churches and at Christian events.


Misty copy 2Misti Flores

Owner / Cirque Director

Misti is the gym manager and oversees all the programs of Flip Force San Diego. Misti is also the lead Cirque instructor and assists with the Trampoline & Tumbling Team. She is a category I judge for competitive trampoline and tumbling.
Misti grew up in a Christian family in Iowa, where she competed artistic gymnastic through the collegiate level at the University of Iowa. Her degree is in exercise physiology. In her final semester of college she moved to San Diego to do an internship as a strength and conditioning coach for the athletes at SDSU. She went on to perform as a professional acrobat and has finally attained her dream of owning her own gym where she can have a positive impact on kids.
Most important of all she is the mother of four beautiful children: Monze, Isa, Iva and baby Malik.


Ivan copyIvan Flores

Owner / Trampoline and Tumbling Coach

Ivan is the lead Trampoline and Tumbling coach and has produced many National Champions in the years Flip Force has been open. Ivan oversees all activities and coaches within the gym. Ivan is also a category I judge for Trampoline and Tumbling.Ivan_Malik Balancing
Ivan grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico where he competed on the Mexican National Gymnastics Team. Ivan moved to San Diego to train under a well known coach. He them began performing as a professionally acrobat for 20+ years. He has finally attained his goals in owning his own gym where he can now encourage kids to follow their dreams as he once did.