Adult Fitness

Adult Class:

Come join our Adult class on Mondays and Wednesdays for just $12. Our adult classes are open gym formats and you can use any of our equipment! Learn More

Boot Camp:

Adult bootcamp classes ran by Fitness4Ward is offered multiple days and times throughout the week! Learn More


Birthday Parties

Book your birthday party here with Flip Force! Birthday Package includes: 1.5 hrs of gym time with an instructor, 12 participants, pizza, goody bags, drinks and table settings. Learn More



Flip Force offers seasonal camps such as; Winter, Spring and Summer camp. These camps consists of specific program themes where students would spend a full day or a half day learning basic skills. Learn More



SONY DSCAs seen in Cirque du Soleil. Athletes of all skill level work on silks, lyra, and trapeze to perform beautiful feats of strength and flexibility! Learn More


IMG_1720Acrobatic Gymnastics is a competitive sport under USA Gymnastics that combines strength, flexibility, and dance to make one of the greatest sports you’ll ever see! Learn More




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Variety of Cheerleading classes from skill level tumbling to competitive All Star Cheer. Learn More


Open Gym


Come to open gym for free play time! Admissions are $7/members per hour or $10/non-members per hour. Learn More

All ages: Friday 6:30pm-8:30pm and Saturday 11:00am-1:00pm

Adult Open Gym ($10)- Monday and Wednesday 8:30pm-10pm



Martial Arts

We are proud to offer a variety of programs that are suitable for all ages and abilities. From as young as 3 to 99, KickForce Martial Arts will be sure to give you the training you deserve and take you to the next level. Learn More


Preschool Trampoline and Tumbling

Basic gymnastics skills are taught utilizing the different types of trampolines. Great for balance, hand-eye-foot coordination, basic motor skills, strength, flexibility, discipline, agility and speed. Learn More



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Parkour is a movement based sport/art-form in which one navigates through their environment with an efficient, intelligent, and creative approach. Parkour is mainly comprised of running, jumping, climbing, vaulting, and rolling. Parkour builds a problem-solving type mentality, while strengthening the body! Unlike in other sports the goal of Parkour is not point or score based, but is rather to understand and continuously build upon one’s inherent capabilities in a safe progressive manner. Learn More


Trampoline and Tumbling

hello (89 of 89) Recreational:

Athletes will learn the basics of trampoline, tumbling, and double mini in a fun and safe environment. Learn More




We currently have a competitive team that competes at the State, Regional, National, and World Level. TNT is an individual sport in which the athlete competes on Trampoline, Power Tumbling & Double Mini. We have a world class coaching staff who will help your athlete reach all their dreams. Learn More


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